Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home

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My Overnight Party Makeup Bag fi

It’s not all that often I end up at a party these days so when I do I almost go a little overboard picking out what makeup to wear. I still haven’t the finesse for a 5 product travel set & instead opt for more possibilities than anyone needs. However what I did use would class as party makeup than even the novice makeup wearer could manage. I’m all about choosing fool-proof products when I’m away from the comfort of multiple different makeup removers & endless cotton buds to fix eyeliner! Continue reading “Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home”

So T.K.Maxx Happened…

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so t.k.maxx happened haul dupesagirlsbf

I have an addiction, it’s just a shop but it’s my favourite beauty shop. You’d expect it to be Superdrug, Boots or even Selfridges seen as that’s where the makeup lives. However T.K.Maxx is just number one for me. Read on to find out why you should love it too. Continue reading “So T.K.Maxx Happened…”

WIMM #16 – Weight, Family Party & Grey’s Anatomy

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Where Is My Mind

If your new to my little piece f the internet then read on if not you can skip down to the next part. WIMM is short for Where Is My Mind to say all the odd, weird & wonderful things that are going on. Absolutely anything that’s been floating around that I want to share with you. This week that’s me still trying to lose weight which is slow progress, a family birthday party & why my husband get’s points for his Grey’s Anatomy present! Continue reading “WIMM #16 – Weight, Family Party & Grey’s Anatomy”

Weight Loss Update Week 4 & Finding Motivation

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weight watchers smart points dupesagirlsbf

When I started this just a month ago I convinced myself it was going to be different this time. I feel like it’s taken this last month just to get to grips with the new Smart Points system from Weight Watchers. I know it can work & I have good weeks then follow them with bad weeks. However today I’m starting fresh & have come up with some ideas I wanted to put into practice to & hopefully help my sister out at the same time.
Continue reading “Weight Loss Update Week 4 & Finding Motivation”

Could This B. The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need?

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Could This 'B' The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need fi

I know there are many a brush cleanser for quickly cleaning your makeup brushes so you can use them either straight away or the next day. I know I’m not the only one to hate deep cleansing brushes with a passion, it has to be done weekly but in between that & you’re pushing it! Lazy or not when I saw the B. range in Superdrug had brush cleansing wipes I needed to try them. I know wipes aren’t for your face but could they b. for your brushes? Ultimately I was thinking for travel but also when I need to swap shades & use the same brush! Continue reading “Could This B. The Quick Brush Cleanser You Need?”